Covid Induced Depression

by Jamie

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A major storm is on the horizon. Such a thought has to have occurred in each of our minds. If not, let it be believed now. Very few indicators floating on the surface of things proclaim a promising economic future ahead. There is a sense our fingers are crossed while our bodies are inactive. Our minds are in paralysis by wonder, that is, if we are treading water. Businesses are closing already, including in Berkeley, where I live. (A well-stocked and frequented vegan food store has shuttered. A hair salon is gone.) In Senate District Nine, the shutdown has been in place since March. Shutting down appears to be the one and only card to play.

Citizens need to jump into this game and speak to their city council. Addressing the city council is the easiest and quickest way to participate: to demand that cities implement pandemic necessitated code adaptations to encourage immediate investment.

A post-war mentality has to rise up. Businesses are being bombed out. Check out San Francisco’s increase in residential vacancy. Now is the time to put our house in order and rally a collective enthusiasm for real wealth investment.

Cash can be manipulated. The printing of dollars in response to Covid-19 is a manipulation. (The stock market right now also appears manipulated.) Real wealth is the goods that underline the cash; real wealth (productivity and assets) is the actual value of money. Think of the one hundred cents that composite a dollar. Ideally, a considerable percentage of those cents represent real wealth; the higher the number of cents in that dollar representing a fictitious value equates to people trading real goods for green paper.

The smart citizens of Senate District 9, big and small, are to hold up signs in the direction of their city government: Allow investment now! Allow building now! City governments need to heed those signs and advertise to local citizens and businesses: The city is cutting deals! Invest now!

Business as usual is a death knell. Allowing for scheduled increases in the pay of public employees, such as with Bart, will be seen as foolish when this period is reviewed.

Now is the moment to batten down the hatches and prepare for the storm ahead. The way to do that is to facilitate all forms of investment in assets, especially housing.

Areas that suffer from the impacts of war take on a productive mentality. In fact, those areas are said to reverberate with encouragement and hope to begin anew. We can start the rebuild now before the crash ahead.

As Senate District Nine State Senate candidate, I encourage thought leaders and persons of influence to use their time on hand to urge city council members to allow and open up for investment in tangible projects as a prudent response to the forthcoming pandemic induced deep recession or depression.

July 2020


My write up on the subject of investing in real wealth during Covid-19 was inspired by a July 2, 2020 interview of Bloomberg with hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio.