Joe Rogan’s Green Light

by Jamie

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How do a 100 million dollar contract, Bernie Sanders, Steven Pinker, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and 190 million downloads a month relate? They all have to do with Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan being the guy who smoked a spliff with Elon Musk. Joe Rogan being the #1 podcaster in the US and arguably the most potent culture figure today in terms of reach and acceptance. The names listed and the money paid all speak of his influence. Why is Joe Rogan important? His announced departure from California for Texas marks the end of the middle class in California, the final day of California dreamin.'

Who is Joe Rogan? He's a dude who will kick your ass (but he doesn't have to.) Joe Rogan is the class president and the class clown. He's a jock who's cool. He hangs with the brainiacs cause that matters now (high-tech over the last 25 years colliding big money and big brains.) Joe Rogan gets away with it, whatever it may be, and he is leaving town. He has thrown in the towel on Cali. And he has given all us non-elites the green light to do the same.

Leaving one's home, taking such an action, is the final step of disenfranchisement. Disenfranchisement is the greatest curse to happen in California politics. The workers of California feel helpless and in bondage to the state. Leaving renounces the consent to be governed. Leaving is the only way the average citizen can make a difference in state politics. "Taxation is theft" is an oft-heard phrase in circles of the Libertarian Party. Leaving eliminates the present and future threat of being robbed. Greater income value, home ownership hope, and increased potential for happiness are found in other sovereign states. Bye Cali weather, hello fewer taxes, more growth, less pontificating.

As a side note, regarding the California "live and let live" vibe, believe this much, California no longer holds the market on social liberalism. Social liberalism exists in the heart of Oklahoma. The wealth the internet has brought to the big cities, in turn overthrowing our hold of good government, has also brought the wealth of social liberalism to far off geographical reaches. Let's not pride ourselves any longer on having been the first at being "cool." Everyone has gone to that concert.

California needs sustainability. Think of the strength of a pyramid. The base will be the working people, the high school educated and immigrants, the center being the traditional middle class and managers, the top being the professionals and owners. Let such a valuation again become the paradigm for guiding governance: seek the preservation of the classes. Return the hope and possibility for homeownership to the California dream. Allow for entrepreneurial enterprising and job creation. Have jobs for all the employment goal as jobs for all is attainable. It has been done. Reimagine government purpose as a means for Californians' collective advancement via an assurance of security, the facilitation of job creation, and a legal framework supportive of ownership.

Joe Rogan blew the final trumpet. There isn't a turning back. There can only be an overturning. That overturning will be possible if folks hit the pause button. Similar to what happened with pollution when everyone sheltered in place: it went away. Today, the main machine that pollutes and destroys is our collective mentality voiced through the mouthpiece and fairy-tale objectives of government; for an equitable and sustainable California, let's take a vacation from building bridges to the sun and return government function to the people's ends. And let's wish Joe Rogan good luck!

July 2020