by Jamie

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I am Jamie Dluzak. I belong to the political party that does not judge what one does as long as that person or entity is not harming or restricting the rights of others.  My political party grants all social freedoms formed by individual or social consent.  My political party condones all economic rights under explicit or implicit contract.  We espouse the ‘do no harm’ principle for ourselves, our cities, states, and nation.

I belong to the political party that allows the individual to see through her eyes, live by her creed, and do as she sees fit come what may to her.  For her birth as all of ours is shrouded in mystery.  We hope for the full manifestation of the individual.

I belong to the political party that is enamored with limiting itself while seeking no limits to the entire range of civic and economic agreements and institutions that arise from individual liberties.  I belong to the political party that views itself as an ascetic, meant to live simply and by the strict dictate of limiting our own power.

I belong to the political party that espouses voluntary cooperation and consent between participants.  We hold the exchange of ideas and the exchange of goods as equally blessed forms of human expression and human activity.  I belong to the political party that believes that peace is created through voluntary exchange.  We hold the collective good is best achieved voluntarily.

I belong to the political party that believes in a human nature.  We hold a positive view of human nature when left to choose freely and produce freely.  We implicitly hold humanity to be cooperative, creative, adaptive, ingenious, resourceful, dynamic, limitless in potential, and exceptionally sacred.  We believe individuals can comprehend that their rights are enshrined as they enshrine the rights of others.  We believe in the dignity of the human being and the right to life. 

I belong to the political party that will protect your right to life, your right to property, and your right to choose your happiness.

I am Jamie Dluzak, 2020 Libertarian candidate for California’s Senate District Nine.

July 2020


"The porcupine is defensive when subjected to aggression, making an ideal symbol for an anti-imperialistic movement that espouses peace through trade and the primacy of individual rights"