Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Democracy

by Jamie

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As the Libertarian representative for Senate District Nine, I pledge to reinvigorate civic participation in governance.

My extended family has roots in Southern California. Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain made for cherished summertime excursions. Kids from my day were rugged. Bruises and scratches, wrestling and chasing, were a part of life and great fun. I recollect my cousin and I do our best to fudge our heights to get on the bigger rollercoasters. We were all about it.

My kid did not turn on to amusement parks. For several season passes, I gave it my best. I came to know Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, which was called Marine World Africa USA in my youth. For me, Six Flags represents the way democracy must come to be in California.

The people that go to Discovery Kingdom have a good time. Latino families dominant the landscape with Asian, black, and white families filling the mix. The park-goers are friendly. The most cherished rides are not rides at all but play areas where the little ones run around. The zoo aspect is appreciated by the guests though the roller coasters are now the park emphasis. Working families form the core customer. When I used to take my kid there, I appreciated the processing, the communication, and the good-natured vibe that marked each visit. California government would be wise in taking note of how the understandability of instruction results in an ordered and pleasant experience.

The use of plain-spoken everyday language will encourage citizen interest and engagement in representational government. Transparency, clarity, and the identifiable declaration of legal regulations and requirements plus the orderly facilitation of services will increase government success.

As a candidate for State Senate, I pledge to make the California State Legislature proceedings clear and available. In the first six months of my tenure, I will focus my office's energies and efforts on the clarification and communication of the state legislature's proceedings and enactments. I will bring the government to you in a plain and understandable language with a breakdown of legislation's real-life consequences.

Today, California's State Legislature does little to open the citizens' eyes to the vast power and influence thrown about in Sacramento. To benefit the people, so they can know and participate, clear and straightforward communication of the state legislature's actions will comprise a significant focal point of my service to Senate District Nine, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. You will know me and I will know you.

August 2020