“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Why voting for a renewed liberalism is the best political risk to take.

by Jamie

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I interviewed Illinois representative candidate for District 78, Joshua Flynn (available for viewing on the Black American Voter page on this election website.) To evaluate the politics of the day, Joshua offered a simple technique: judge the day’s politics by what is seen outside your front door.

As the State Senate Candidate for the East Bay (District Nine), I will put a primary emphasis on managing the social and economic problems found  at our doorsteps.

Even if the grass on your side is green, none of our visions can miss the plight and human demise found in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Nor can any of us escape the high-level frustrations from gridlock and disruption. Responsibility cannot be placed elsewhere. We are the cause for the world that we see.

My candidacy has a mandate: motivate citizens to action. Whereas, the blue supermajority allows any consensus of the democratic party to pass legislation affecting all Californians, I will have no viable alliance to force legislation to the governor’s desk. Therefore, my power will be in the people. I will win as the people win: representing the people will be my path to political victory.

Speak "truth to power" is a protest phrase. In the circumstance of facing a supermajority, the underdog cannot expect leniency or gifts. As occurred with Gandhi against the British in India, mass political force alone will merit a response. I must then speak truth to power or be a field mouse in a world of fat cats.

To East Bay democrats, brother and sister liberals, I like you folks. I believe you feel ill at ease with things as they are. Impactful words stroked in big newsprint may illicit a visceral reaction, sparking a vocal cry for change. In the end, it always happens that the new status quo will be a version of the previous. Even still, your heart bleeds for the world. The images on your doorstep have become too shocking. A sentiment among many is to move away. What alternatives remain? Hope has left the building, and, like the masses, we seek our escapes.

The East Bay’s District Nine must embody the liberalism we want nationally; we need a viable liberalism, perceptibly successful, safe, ordered, dynamic in personalities and ways of being. 

District Nine must break the mould on big city blue allegiance by taking a calculated risk on my candidacy and on a third party to invigorate the competition of ideas and methods to reach liberal objectives. Empowerment of the broader classes will splash District Nine and the Bay Area with a color it has not seen since the glory days of the counterculture. The people will let us know the way - your job is to extend a loaf of bread by hiring me to go on and figure things out.

August 2020