The cry was for a President but the change did not come. Now, the times present a new political party based in the founding principles of the United States Constitution!

Principles for a Safe Revolution

 Be the change you want to see 

- Stand for self-sufficiency rather than dependence -

- Do not ask for power, seize power by all legitimate means -

- Do not take no for the answer -

 - Unite and demand - Unite and achieve -

- Respect private ownership -

 - Have a simple platform -

 - Demonstrate the adherence to principles -

 - Open the curtains to visions of beauty and excellence -

 - Bring fresh waters from the roots -

Let Freedom Ring 

A Call Out For The Black American Vote  


Hi Female Friend in Prison,

I just got both of your emails, one from the 24th and one from today. You sound good. You know, even though there are some physical ailments happening with you.  You sound good cause you sound solid and rooted.

Today on the street I encountered a woman going through a pile of clothes on the street. She was throwing the stuff out and trying it on right there. The other day I was walking to the court house to do some things related to the campaign and a guy was sleeping on the street, with his pants half down.  

The lady saw me walk by a couple times and asked me for money. I shook my head but made good eye contact with her. Later, she was going back through the bag and I was out there still and I turned the corner and kinda squatted and she came by and asked me for money and I shook my head but I made eye contact with her. I think our eye contact was good.  Who knows how people communicate. There is a saying, preach always and if necessary use words. You're a veteran of life and a winner. I hope you can have positive influence on young ladies and are able to offer your hardships up to Heaven for poor souls.

I'm ok. Though the days are tough. I mentioned the above to you in part because the stuff stresses me out. But I still hold, like you said in your message, that I got something to do. Right now it is to pursue this election and I will continue although it's a kinda difficult thing cause a lot of disappointment in others is felt and then all the paperwork from the state is like reading the fine print of footnotes. There have been moments when the sun of a good feeling hits my face and I try to keep that feeling as a remembrance for when the clouds return. 

Bianca Harris CDCR #X13791

A friend of mine just got a 3 year denial. She is transgender at Ione and she took it in a real positive way. Like another person said, the good that is being pursued in classes and other ways is not being done for the state or the corrections system. It's done for me.  

I have high hopes for you. 

Yesterday I texted with the mother of three sons. She is older and I came to know her through her oldest son who I met through her middle son who I taught GED to around 2007. I also knew her youngest boy. He was a tough character. The kind of young person that has a vibe that says that dudes tough. And he was young, he also stopped by class.  The middle son became my first pen pal about this time 4 years ago. He is at New Folsolm. Her youngest son was killed and her oldest who I am now in frequent contact with has been down for 25 years. Ms. X. is a woman who could be prayed for her when her name, easy to remember, is brought to your mind. 

Mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers with broken hearts and a pain that says I can't go on but I need to can be prayed for. Cause we gotta see the importance of now. The importance of now is when a debt that has been owed to peoples and to this land need be repaid and the way to do it is not by tearing up the streets, of course, but by mothers and brothers and sisters and fathers becoming the corner stones of a new America. That's my opinion on the importance of now.

Hey Female Friend in Prison! stay up! be love! be you! cause you're special or as I heard some one say (it might be you) "you are blessed and highly favored."

Peace out!