Why a Libertarian Candidate Endorses Berkeley Welfarism

by Jamie

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Contra Costa and Alameda counties combine to create the East Bay Senate District 9. A drive brought me to Hercules, which is on the northernmost peak of the district. I ended up entering Hercules from Highway 4. Within minutes I arrived in the center of town. The central city park is lovely. A broad grass filled landscape for lounging or play surrounded by sky-scraping trees. A healthy and enchanting pond peppered with ducks and inhabited by small fish sits as the main attraction. The streets in Hercules are clean with no visible trash, graffiti, or vagrancy. Construction is happening in Hercules. 

I know all of District 9 to primarily vote democrat, but that does not make all democrats the same. For instance, when googling "Defund the police Hercules California" I found no news of police defunding in Hercules. In fact, what I found were the following face forward search engine reviews: 

Facebook · May 28, 2020 I am always happy to see the Hercules Police in our neighborhood!!❤️ Full review

Facebook · Oct 01, 2019 I can say from my past experiences that our team of Police Officers are great! They have been friendly when driving around, always patrolling our wonderful City alert and ready. However, … Full review

Facebook · Jan 01, 2019 Very helpful, honest, and easy to communicate with. Nice to know that these are people who properly and proudly do their jobs. Full review See more reviews

Hercules Police received a four-star rating average from the 24 posted reviews: a fair sample of people offering an appreciation for the Hercules Police Department.

The City of Berkeley's City Council Tuesday, July 14, 2020, defund the police Zoom call had over 300 participants, ran for nine hours, and remained in session until 3 a.m. The police budget had been reduced by 12% ($9.2 Million1) earlier in the month. The city council consensus was to study a redirection of up to 50% of the police budget. The majority of citizen participants expressed endorsement for the redirection of funds.2

The guiding light of Libertarian political philosophy is ownership of person and property. The City of Hercules and the City of Berkeley receive wealth for operating expenses from the businesses and citizens within their respective city limits. Those that pay the bills have the right to direct the policy of their city government.

As a Libertarian candidate, I rejoice in the dispersion of authority between the city, county, state, and federal governments. I also firmly hold that the most considerable direct power for affecting citizens' daily lives ought to reside in local government. Local government is accessible to citizens and nuanced to citizen personality. 

Vast perceptible differences can be found in the character and the order of cities. On this basis, do I support Berkeley as a welfare-city. For a welfare-focused Berkeley does not make a California welfare-state. What a welfare-Berkeley does is allow the character of welare political-social philosophy to bear it's fruit. Such experimentation on a small scale ought to be condoned by persons outside of Berkeley, by those who are not Berkeley residents. Further, the fruit born is visible just as Hercules' cleanliness and order are visible and the despair and destitution found in Berkeley are visible. In this way, the consequences of competing political ideologies and municipal management make themselves plain in their qualitative influence on everyday life. 

July 2020


1.Brett Simpson, Berkeley approves goals to cut police budget by 50%, reduce cops’ role in traffic enforcement; July 17, 2020; San Francisco Chronicle. https://www.sfchronicle.com/crime/article/Berkeley-council-bans-police-from-traffic-15410326.php 

2.Emilie Raguso, Berkeley council approves ‘omnibus motion’ on police reform; July 15, 2020; Berkeleyside. https://www.berkeleyside.com/2020/07/15/berkeley-council-approves-omnibus-motion-to-reform-policing