World's Ugliest Political Bumper Sticker

They say that to try and to fail is the underpinning of success...

My dreams of political victory found themselves hanging on a single cost effective idea: a bumper sticker. I figured if I could get enough bumper stickers on the road I would infuse legitimacy to a campaign hence advertised via recycled yard signs, paper, and tape.

The problem was the ticking clock: pandemic restrictions making absentee ballots preferred pushed the election clock forward and it was nigh Labor Day.

I jumped on Adobe Photoshop, previewed a few fonts, exported, and then ordered more bumper stickers than I now know what to do with.

This is where you come in for I am that child crying on the street corner who one thinks may be looking for his parents but really has 100's of bumper stickers to mail out and is hoping for a few 100 willing recipients. 

Now is a chance for everyone reading this to be a part of Libertarian history!!

In fact the Libertarians have a long history of doing things first in the short history since the party's founding, such as the first party from which a female candidate received an electoral vote (1972), the first party to call for the legalization of same sex marriage (1971), and the only national party with 50 state ballot access to oppose the death penalty. 

Now is the moment for a new first: a gathering of every political persuasion - red, blue, green, yellow - to come together with the single intent of displaying the world's ugliest bumper sticker. 

I beg you to be a part of this...Election Day is less than 60 days off. When you get the sticker kindly place it where others will view it: stick it or tape it to your bumper, place it on your dash or affix it to your rear window, put it on your front door, or squeeze it between the other stickers posted at your local hangout. Encourage democracy and representative government by pronouncing your vote with the world's ugliest sticker!

To get your ugly sticker simply follow the steps below:

Three ways to communicate a mailing address so I can send you a sticker: 

  1. Fill in the form Below
  2. Send a letter to the address below

US Mail Address:

Jamie Dluzak

RE: Free Bumper Sticker

PO Box 11572

Oakland, CA 94611